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Welcome tothe capital ofthe Russian Arctic!

Murmansk isayoung, strong and very unusual city with ahuge potential for stable development inthe near future. This largest city inthe world beyond the Polar Circle with apopulation ofabout three hundred thousand people islocated onthe shore ofthe ice-free Kola Bay. Here begins the great Northern Sea Route, which makes the city one ofthe most powerful northern ports inEurope, not only for trading and fishing, but also for tourism. Itishere where the gates tothe Arctic open, toits almost inexhaustible mineral and biological resources.

Murmansk isthe administrative center ofthe region with adeveloped social, economic and engineering infrastructure.

Murmansk isacity oftempting prospects and great opportunities for business, and, ofcourse, for good leisure time. Itishere that you can see the Northern Lights and get acquainted with the culture ofSámi people the indigenous population ofthe Kola Peninsula.

Murmansk isalways glad tosee old friends and make new ones. Once you have visitedit, you will certainly come back here again.

Summer Murmansk

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Winter Murmansk

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Informational services about the city

Official Murmansk tourism web-site
Official Murmansk region tourism web-site
2gis Mobile app (Android, iOS) with the most detailed information about map, infrastructure, transport, building, places etc.
Murmansk leisure-activities web-site
My Murmansk Mobile app (Android, iOS) with info about the city: news, upcoming events, feedbacks, sales and discounts. official Murmansk groups
Emergency services telephone number 112
Emergency services mobile app
Police mobile app

Updated 11.04.2019