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Latest local events


Lecturer from MASU was awarded the Governors artists grant

Senior lecturer of the Department of Arts and Services of the Murmansk Arctic State University Tatiana Batova won the contest of the governors artist grants


MASU will become a co-founder of the Barents Regional Network on Higher Education

The Arctic University of Norway (Tromso) and the Murmansk Arctic State University received funding from the Barents Secretariat to create the Barents Regional Network on Higher Education


MASU will cooperate with the Indian Jawaharlal Nehru University

Murmansk Arctic State University and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India, held a joint online seminar. The event was initiated by the Institute of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship of MASU and the Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies of JNU


The Russian northernmost university is located in Murmansk

MASU students found out where the Russian northernmost university is located. The students came up with the idea of this research after they had found out that the University of Tromso (Norway) is the northernmost university in the world


EU Delegation in Russia Points Out the Success of BRIDGE Project Coordinated by MASU

Last week online business case presentation was held as part of the international project of the Kolarctic cross-border cooperation programme Barents Region Initiative for Developing Growth and Employability


Scientists from MASU and Hungary will carry out a joint research on the migration of philosophical traditions

The scientific project launched by the dean of the Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Social Security Law at MASU, Associate Professor, Alexander Sautkin, was approved by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)


Russian-Chinese dialogue on the Arctic: MASU and Wuhan University agree on cooperation

Murmansk Arctic State University and Wuhan University (PRC) have concluded a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by the Acting Rector of MASU Irina Shadrina and the Vice President of Wuhan University Li Fei

MASU students win #HackTheCrisisBarents competition

Future teachers of English and German, Daria Bolkhovskaya and Anastasia Mostovaya took part in the 48-hour innovative competition #HackTheCrisisBarents


Seas disclose a true devotion a book on exploration of the Murmansk shores and Novaya Zemlya will be written at MASU

Doctor in History from MASU Sergei Nikonov was awarded a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). The grant is given to publish the treatise of Sergei Nikonov Seas disclose a true devotion: fishing colonization of the Murmansk shores and Novaya Zemlya by the Pomor peasantry and monasteries in XVI-XVIII centuries


Murmansk students help local businesses

Despite the restrictions introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus MASU students stay active. The participants of the BRIDGE project continue working on their cases from home


All spring events are postponed until further notice

Due to the coronavirus pandemic all events planned for this spring will be held at a later date


Students will help businesses: the third BRIDGE session has begun at MASU

The third session of BRIDGE: Barents Region Initiative for Developing Growth and Employability is currently taking place at MASU in the youth center of technological and social entrepreneurship Coworking-51


The Norwegian delegation visited the MASU branch in Kirovsk

MASU branch in Kirovsk held an official meeting with the Norwegian delegation headed by Consul of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Norway in Murmansk, Erik Sevdal. The visit was held within the cooperation with the Kirovsk Branch Of Joint-Stock Company Apatit


Cooperation for the benefit of the Arctic people: MASU delegation visited the Arctic University of Norway

From March 2 to 3, the Arctic University of Norway (Alta) hosted a preliminary Russian-Norwegian seminar on the new issues in the teacher education


Participants of international project BeTech visited Enel Russia office

Participants of the international project BeTech visited the office of Enel Russia company on February 26. The meeting was held by Vadim Ulanov, regional representative of Enel Rus Wind Cola LLC


International project BeTech: Norwegian fjords, STEM and House of Salmon

On February 10-14 the Russian delegation took part in the second trip within the international project BeTech: developing common approaches to involving young people in the technical and natural science sphere


MASU Associate Professor speaks on the Cooperation between Universities and Businesses at the Arctic Frontiers 2020

Tromso, Norway, hosted the international conference Arctic Frontiers: The Power of Knowledge aimed at discussing and searching for new ideas and solutions for sustainable development of the northern regions


MASU Lecturer took part in an international meeting in Serbia

Elena Golishnikova, Associate Professor of the Department of Special Pedagogy and Special Psychology of the Psychological and Pedagogical Institute of the Murmansk Arctic State University, visited the Republic of Serbia (Belgrade and Novi-Sad) as a member of delegation invited by the Serbian side


Results of Barents+ project proposals for Spring 2020

The office of Barents+ academic mobility program in Uit the Arctic University of Norway released the results of the project proposals round for Spring 2020


MASU at the International Arctic School at the Harbin Institute of Technology

January 5 to 12, the International Arctic School was held in Harbin (People's Republic of China) - an event dedicated to the environmental safety of the Arctic territories. This event was attended by over 100 young researchers and professionals from Russia, China, the USA, Norway, Finland, Australia, Canada, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Panama, etc

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