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XXVII International Coastal Conference «Arctic shores: shore-up to sustainability». Murmansk, 24–29 September 2018

The «Sea Coasts» Working Group of the RAS Council on World Ocean and Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU), would like to invite you and your partners to take part in XXVII International Coastal Conference “Arctic shores: shore-up to sustainability”.

For more than 50 years, the conference has been serving as a platform for a dialogue between professionals, academics and representatives of public sector on topics related to sustainable development of coastal territories.

This year, the major focus will be on the Arctic:

  • Hydro-, morpho- and lithodynamics of coasts and adjacent waters considering construction and exploitation of hydraulic engineering structures activities;
  • Issues of environmental vulnerability and anthropogenic impact on coastal ecosystems and bioresources;
  • Interaction of natural (geophysical) systems in the Arctic: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere;
  • Contemporary informational technologies in researching and developing coastal systems and Arctic territories;
  • Social and economic view on Russian and Arctic marginal seas;
  • Legal, international, historical and cultural aspects of developing coastal systems and Arctic territories.

In 2018, Murmansk Arctic State University (Murmansk, Russia) has been chosen to hold the conference.

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