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Murmansk area

Welcome to the capital of the Russian Arctic!

The biggest deep-sea port in the Arctic, Murmansk is also known as the largest city beyond the Polar Circle in general. Such phenomena as Polar Night, Midnight sun, Aurora Borealis, as well as mighty and beautiful northern landscapes impress thousands of tourists coming to the Kola Peninsula from all over the world. Murmansk mission: administration of the region as well as the development of fisheries, marine logistics, and tourism. Yet being very young (founded in 1916), Murmansk and its region enjoy rich historical and cultural heritage (including the indigenous one of the Sámi people) thus providing opportunities for good leisure time and development of creative industries and SMEs.

The other two towns MASU is presented in, Apatity and Kirovsk, are more to the south neighboring the ancient Khibiny mountains. Both focus on the development of ore-mining and processing as well as chemical and other minerals related industries. Despite being quite small, Apatity is unofficially referred to as the “Science town” due to several branches of academic institutions located there. Kirovsk, found in only 20 km away, is also developing tourism infrastructure and serves as one of the best ski and hiking resorts.

Summer Murmansk

Winter Murmansk

Informational services about the city

Official Murmansk tourism web-site
Official Murmansk region tourism web-site
2gis Mobile app (Android, iOS) with the most detailed information about map, infrastructure, transport, building, places etc.
Murmansk leisure-activities web-site
My Murmansk Mobile app (Android, iOS) with info about the city: news, upcoming events, feedbacks, sales and discounts. official Murmansk groups
Emergency services telephone number 112
Emergency services mobile app
Police mobile app

Updated 22.05.2020