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The first visit of MASU delegation in the framework of Kolarctic CBC project «BRIDGE»

  • 26.03.2019
  • 1888
On March 18-22 there was the first visit of MASU delegation in the framework of the international Kolarctic CBC project «BRIDGE: Barents Region Initiative for Developing Growth and Employability».

In activities organized by Lapland University of Applied (Tornio, Finland) 16 representativess of MASU participated: Inna V. Ryzhkova, Head of Research and International cooperation office (Project Coordinator), Julia Shestova, advisor of Research and International cooperation office (Assistant Coordinator), Mikhail Uksuso, advisor of Research and International cooperation office (Visibility manager), associate professors Alla Raspopova and Tatiana Belevsky (project’s coach-trainers) and also 11 students enrolled in various undergraduate programs.

This visit is the first step in the project, the aim of which is to create and develop an innovative Internet platform facilitating students to unite into international, multicultural and cross-disciplinary teams to solve specific business cases of small and medium-sized enterprises of the whole Barents Euro-Arctic Region. For three years, students of the Arctic University of Norway (Alta, Norway), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Tornio, Finland), Murmansk Arctic State University, Petrozavodsk State University and ITMO University (St. Petersburg) will test this platform and become familiar with the business space of northern territories.

Within the framework of this project it is also planned to conduct research in the field of marketing, tourism, education, entrepreneurship and the internationalization of higher education.

During the visit to Tornio, students were personally introduced to the management of companies operating in Finland and being partners in the project: Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd, Oy BeSmart Consulting Ltd, Datadrivers Oy, Hovilompolo, Hulkoffgården AB, Town of Tornio, Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy, LAPPARI, PUU TERÄ J. HALONEN, Experience365, SEADVENTURES. As a result of the visit, teams showed their presentations with a plan for working on company cases and results of the work done. The final solutions for companies will be presented at the end of May on the project platform. The next working visit is scheduled to take place in Vardø (Norway). Work with Murmansk companies is scheduled for spring 2020.

CBC Kolarctic 2014-2020 (Kolarctic Cross-Border Cooperation program) is a financial tool to support cooperation between the northern regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and North-West Russia. Program’s tasks:
  • Supporting economical and social development in regions on both sides of the common border;
  • Addressing common challenges in the field of environmental protection, public health and safety;
  • Creating better conditions and assumption for increasing the mobility of people, goods and capital.

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