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Round table International projects for development ofsmall and medium enterprises

  • 20.12.2019
  • 2040

On December 18th, the Coworking-51 Youth Center for Technological and Social Entrepreneurship of MASU hosted a round table International projects for development of small and medium enterprises. This event was organized within the framework of Science Days at the Institute of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship and was dedicated to the forthcoming 3rd session of CBC Kolarctic project BRIDGE  Barents Region Initiative for Developing Growth and Employability which will be held in Murmansk this Spring.

At this round table, the BRIDGE project participants met with potential commissioners from among the regional SMEs and spoke about their experience of participating in a project aimed at developing entrepreneurship in the Barents region.

Representatives of SMEs expressed interest in joining the project and their willingness to actively interact with students and project coaches. Very soon, the full list of commissioners of the 3rd BRIDGE session will be announced.

CBC Kolarctic 2014-2020 is a financial instrument to support cooperation between the Northern regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and the North-West of Russia.

Program objective:

  • Support for economic and social development in regions on both sides of the common border;
  • Solving common problems in the field of environmental protection, public health, and safety;
  • Creating better conditions and prerequisites for increasing the mobility of people, goods and capital.

For more information about the project see official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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