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New achievement of MASU students and lecturers

  • 17.04.2022
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New achievement of MASU students and lecturers

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation has finally announced the results of the grant competitions for Master programmes lecturers. Anastasia Koreneva, Oksana Savateeva, Viktoria Piksendeeva and Viktoria Bakula, MASU lecturers of Linguistic Institute representing Philology, Media and Communications Department, were among the winners. They will be awarded a grant amounting to 500 000 rubles for their project.

The winning team from MASU carry on research in various areas, among them native languages teaching in multi-ethnic environment, intercultural communication, the Laplanders studies, interdisciplinary research in philology and ethno-psycholinguistics.

The lecturers also presented a new Master programme called Sami language training that will start this year. The programme aims to train teachers and revitalize Sami language, as it is an endangered one. The programme also implies publication of educational materials for Sami language courses in schools and university as part of internship, as well as creation of framework for follow-up research.

A week earlier, the result of the Foundation's grant competition for Master students were announced. Two MASU students were among the winners as well.

Vyacheslav Gazizov of Humanities and Social Studies Institute and Anna Shutova of Psychology and Pedagogy Institute will get the Foundation's monthly scholarship.

Anna stressed that the competition was organized on a high level, aiming to develop soft skills, provide a wide range of tests and games and a good-quality expert review.

«It's a big achievement for me and a great motivation for personal and professional growth. I try to push the envelope and get to the top in every competition where the focus is on your leadership skills,» said Anna. «It was a one-day event during which we engaged in numerous games and quizzes both for individuals and teams. Experts reviewed the key traits of each contestant — leadership skills, teamwork, and creativity. There were 5000 participants and not for once I felt like it was a competition.»

Vyacheslav Gazizov, 1st year student in History and Civil Studies programme, noted that the scholarship competition could help Master students to become more independent and gain access to any resources necessary for their scientific work.

«Despite the pandemic and related restrictions, the competition was of high demand. It is incredible how people, while being miles and hours away from each other, become a united team and show such a well-coordinated work. I am very happy. I didn't expect to win as everyone have done their best. I strongly recommend participating in the Foundation's competition. It doesn't really matter whether you'll win or lose. At the end of the day, it is just a great experience,» said Vyacheslav.

Congratulations to our students and lecturers! Wishing you all the best for the future. May you achieve everything that you want!

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