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Monthly News Digest: top news of June

  • 18.07.2022
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Monthly News Digest: top news of June

See below what has been going on around at Murmansk Arctic State University over June.

MASU has risen in Interfax's rating of Russian universities
Interfax rating is formed by six criteria: education, research, social environment, international cooperation, innovations and entrepreneurship, universities' brand.
This year's rating has been revealed, and MASU has climbed an impressive 140 spots and moved to 120th place in 2022 based on education criterion.
In the overall rating, taking in the account all the criteria, MASU is ranked 250th, which is higher than last year (by six places).

MASU Tourism and Consumer Services Department held an annual competition of research projects aimed at Arctic tourism development in early June.
The competition had three nominations — tourist sketches, photographs and routes, the latter of which was the most popular among the contestants. Students presented routes for city tours, eco-routes and bus tours. However, the second nomination was the hardest to judge, as the presented photos were all the top quality. Overall, all the contestants managed to convey the beauty of Murmansk region

To honour the contestants and the nature they care so much about, students went to Kirovsk and Apatity. During their trip, they had a chance to visit Museum-archives of European North Exploration and the northernmost botanical garden in Russia. The trip, while combining three elements — nature, history and culture, hopefully, inspired MASU students to further personal and professional development.
Hereyou can find the photos from the students' trip.

MASU students' ideas are in the top 100 creative ideas of ‘Future league'
‘Future league' is the foresight project initiated by Russian Youth Agency (Rosmolodezh). The project allows students to make changes and build the future by supporting their ideas in science, education, etc.

There were 30 proposals from our students, five of which then made it to the technical and regional selection rounds. As a result, two MASU students were among 100 winners.
Anastasia Kuzmenkova is one of the project's winners. Anastasia proposed creating ‘Inclusive English' centres, a volunteering network based in foreign language-oriented universities and facilities for children with special needs. Later, Anastasia, along with other winners, will travel Russia and participate in Rosmolodezh's forums.

MASU lecturer has successfully defended her doctoral thesis
Yulia Afonkina, Head of Psychology and Pedagogy for Special Needs Department, presented her thesis titled ‘Inclusive landscape of modern Russian society's social environments as regards to independent life of people with special needs'. Galina Zhigunova, Advance Doctor in Sociology and MASU Docent, consulted Yulia throughout the process.
Yulia Afonkina has written several papers and books, some of which have been published in Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus journals. She is also the author of numerous research monographs.
MASU staff members express their congratulations on the successful defence of the thesis and wish Yulia further achievements!

A new space for interaction and cooperation opens at MASU this year
The ‘Boiling Point' platform is an infrastructure for collaboration of students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders both in the region and throughout the country. The infrastructure allows its participants to share experience, knowledge and join communities of professionals and experts. There are 147 ‘Boiling point' working and generating ideas in Russian universities, and Murmansk Arctic State University has made the cut for joining this national network.
Alla Raspopova and Maria Utkova, both Ph.D. of Economics, initiated the procedure of opening the «Boiling point» venue at MASU. The opening is scheduled for autumn 2022.

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