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New university: the two Murmansk state universities will merge by summer

  • 17.01.2023
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New university: the two Murmansk state universities will merge by summer

Following the decision of Academic boards of Murmansk arctic state university (MASU) and Murmansk state technical university (MSTU), both organizations will merge into one new higher educational institution.

The name of newly organized indtitution will be Мурманский арктический университет (MAU — 'Mumanskiy arkticheskiy universitet', Murmansk arctic university) or the Arctic University of Murmansk.

The decision to create a new big university was made in order to increase the competitiveness of Murmansk region and Arctic academia on the national and global levels, as well as to facilitate the participation of the university in federal excellence and research-support programs for higher educational institutions.

The new university will focus on studying the issues of Russian and global Arctic. Its educational programs will be based on contemporary research, and its projects are to develop new products and technologies needed for economies and societies of Russian and global Arctic.

All traditional universities' greenfields and majors will be preserved and transformed according to the high levels of academic and applied standarts.

The created university is to become a center of competence in 9 priority areas:

1) Logistics and infrastructure of arctic territories;
2) Arctic mineral resources and shelf exploration;
3) Natural ecosystems and technosphere safety in the Arctic;
4) Marine technologies;
5) Arctic bioresources and biotechnologies;
6) Climate and space weather;
7) Arctic healthcare and health promotion;
8) Creative industries and tourism in the Arctic;
9) Innovative pedagogical technologies.

All merger and organizational procedures are expected to take up to 3 years while the formal judicial transition is planned for April-May 2023.

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