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Turkish Consul General in Saint Petersburg visited MASU

  • 26.12.2022
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Turkish Consul General in Saint Petersburg visited MASU

University administration held a meeting with Özgün Talu, the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Saint Petersburg. The Consul General arrived to Murmansk for a business trip accompanied by Çağrı Doğan, the Commercial Attaché.

A day before, the Regional Government held meeting of the Murmansk region Governer Andrey Chibis with the Turkish delegation who discussed the areas of prospective cooperation in the fields of fisheries, shipbuilding, and tourism. The purpose of meeting the university representatives was to get acquainted with the flagship university of the region and to discuss the possibilities of Russian-Turkish cooperation in the field of education and research.

— Developing economic and trade relations formed one of the main objectives of my trip, but there is something that we could do together also in the field of higher education, — said Özgün Talu.

Yulia Shestova, Head of MASU International Cooperation office, told the guests about the interaction of MASU with Turkish universities and the already reached agreements, namely, the memorandum of understanding with the University of Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat, as well as negotiations with the University of Pamukkale on the topic of teaching Russian language to the Turkish students who plan to work in the tourism business.

According to the Consul General, these universities work in the field of training for the tourism industry and play an important role in Turkey. The reason why universities want to teach Russian to the Turkish students is to further the employment of students in the tourism industry, since Russian tourists prefer to receive services in their own language. In addition, Özgün Talu suggested that Turkish universities, in turn, could share their experience in guiding and tourism management with the Russian academia and students. The Consul General also noted that Murmansk is a potentially interesting destination for Turkish tourists.

MASU Rector Irina Shadrina expressed university's interest in cooperating with the Turkish representatives.

— What we seek for is the cooperation that is fruitful and concrete. So we will be grateful for such an interaction with the research and educational institutions in Turkey, — she concluded.

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