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MASU young researchers prove to be the best in Murmansk region

MASU young researchers prove to be the best in Murmansk region

Young researchers from Murmansk Arctic State University once more became the best in the competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Murmansk region.

To enter the competition, participants have submitted their research papers, monographs and scientific works that then were acknowledged by the Ministry.

For the second year in a row, young scientists of Murmansk Arctic State University made the podium in Economic and Humanitarian Sciences nomination.

Vladislava Shaidullina, a student of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Institute, was awarded the winner certificate for her work 'Experience and Prospects for the Gastronomic Tourism Development in the Arctic Territories'. Zoya Zhelnina, Associate Professor of Tourism and Consumer Services Department, took on the role of research advisor for Vladislava's research.

The second place was awarded to Artem Punantsev, Assistant Professor of Pedagogy Department and the author of the work 'Strategy for Ensuring Equality of Educational Opportunities in the Arctic Regions of Russia: choice of actors of education'. Dmitry Levites, Professor of Pedagogy Department, was the research advisor for Artem's work.

Anna Kornienko and Anna Strelskaya, both the students of Psychology and Pedagogy Institute, presented the research 'Ensuring the Implementation of the Regional Component by a Speech Therapist as a Scientific and Methodological Problem of Preschool Education', which was ranked third. Yulia Afonkina, Head of Psychology and Pedagogy for Special Needs Department, advised the students' research.

Furthermore, the second place in the competition of monographs in Economic and Humanitarian Sciences nomination was awarded to Natalya Shchebarova, Professor of Business Administration Department, and Marta Govor, Ph.D. Student of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Institute. Together, they presented the thesis 'Economic Mechanism of Cluster Formation as a Tool for Spatial Development of the Regional Economy (a case study of Murmansk Region)'.

Earlier, Natalya Shchebarova was named an Honorary Worker of Education of Murmansk region. Andrey Chibis, Governor of Murmansk Region, held the awarding ceremony in Regional Management Centre.

Natalya Shchebarova holds a PhD in Economics and the academic title of Professor. Natalya has been working in the field of higher education for 21 years, 14 of which — in Murmansk Arctic State University. Apart from teaching, Natalya participates as a speaker at the both national and international conferences, or as an expert in the mass media.

We sincerely congratulate our young researchers as well as Natalya Shchebarova on their new achievements and wish them further success in research and teaching!

Photo credit: Ministry of Education and Science of Murmansk region

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