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Two generations of teachers meet at Murmansk Arctic State University

  • 18.05.2023
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Two generations of teachers meet at Murmansk Arctic State University

Murmansk Arctic State University held an event for the psychology and pedagogy-oriented class. The class was organized on the basis of Murmansk school no. 6 with the participation of MASU Psychology and Pedagogy Institute.

The event brought together experienced teachers of the region, MASU students and lecturers, as well as the members of psychology and pedagogy-oriented class, who had been studying the basics of psychology and pedagogy for the past year.

According to Tatiana Kuzmicheva, Director of Psychology and Pedagogy Institute, the participants shared their experience and knowledge with the future generations of teachers. They exchanged their opinion on the meaning and values of education, the teachers' role, respect for pedagogical experience and traditions, the essence of the modern school and the school of the future.

'It is an honour for us to have teachers of several generations at MASU, the oldest university in the region. It is no secret that our graduates work in almost every school in Murmansk region. Over the years in our university, they have learnt the best traditions of pedagogical education and caring attitude to work and children. I am sure that today our students and guests will see the value of the profession they have chosen,' said Irina Shadrina, MASU Rector, in her opening speech.

During the event, participants in teams performed tasks related to pedagogical skills and knowledge of the pedagogy's history: they analysed quotes by Konstantin Ushinsky, the founder of pedagogy in Russia, solved pedagogical cases, analysed set expressions on education. As a result, the participants found the similarities of the main views on the profession and pedagogical values, despite the differences between generations.

'Apart from ensuring the continuity of pedagogy, sharing experience and traditions, such events help future teachers-to-be to be positive about embracing the profession and feel an inspiring atmosphere,' commented Diana Kuznetsova, Minister of Education of Murmansk region. 'I express my gratitude to MASU, as the guardian of the best educational traditions in the region, to its lecturers for holding the event, as well as experienced teachers for their commitment.'

The Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Murmansk region will be opening psychology and pedagogy-oriented classes in the region throughout the year. Earlier in 2022, Murmansk Arctic State University supported the initiative on the opening of a profile class on the basis of Murmansk school no. 6.

'Hence my experience in the education system, I can say that teachers are joyful people, as they work with the future generations of our country,' said Mikhail Belosheev, MASU graduate and a member of the regional Parliament. 'By opening the psychology and pedagogy-oriented classes in schools of Murmansk region, we are not only reviving the best traditions of the regional education system, but also helping children in schools to choose the profession and life path.'

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