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Latest local events


MASU Students won the National Social Initiatives Project Competition

MASU Students won the National Social Initiatives Project Competition.

MASU celebrated International Students' Day

MASU International Cooperation office organized an event aiming to promote intercultural dialogue among students in Murmansk.


The International Day of Sign Languages and the International Day of the Deaf at MASU

Students of Murmansk Arctic State University took part in 'Hear me and understand me' workshop to celebrate the International Day of Sign Languages and the International Day of the Deaf.

MASU students contribute to Arctic ecosystems preservation

ECO-Arctic, a MASU Student Association, kicked off the academic year extremely active. Students proved once more that their goal is to contribute to Arctic ecosystems preservation and promote eco agenda in the region. To do so, they have joined many eco events and campaigns.


MASU International Cooperation office spent ‘Arctic weekend' with international students

MASU International Cooperation office arranged ‘Arctic weekend', a field trip for international students from India, Palestine, Zimbabwe, Egypt, and Azerbaijan.


Monthly News Digest: top news of August

See below what has been going on around at Murmansk Arctic State University in August.


Monthly News Digest: top news of July

See below what has been going on around at Murmansk Arctic State University over July.


MASU took part in Virtual Educational Fair

Murmansk Arctic State University joined 30 leading Russian universities at Virtual Educational Fair ‘Study in Russia'.


Monthly News Digest: top news of June

See below what has been going on around at Murmansk Arctic State University over June.


MASU will take part at the groundbreaking event Virtual Educational Fair

26−27 July, MASU will take part at the Virtual Educational Fair — Study in Russia.


MASU held an online presentation for potential applicants from the Republic of Bangladesh

Following the meeting of the Murmansk oblast Governor Andrei Chibis with the Ambassador of the Republic of Bangladesh to Russia, Mr. Kamrul Ahsan, in early April, representatives of Murmansk Arctic State University spoke to Bangladesh youngsters about the application procedures and the prospects of studying in the Arctic.

MASU develops cooperation within the framework of Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council

Mikhail Uksusov, an Advisor of MASU International Cooperation office and a Russian Youth Envoy for International cooperation in the Arctic, visited the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to participate in several events.


MASU students tested the waters of Kola Nuclear Power Plant

MASU students visited Kola Nuclear Power Plant and explored its hydraulic structures as part of 'Russia's Unique Water Bodies', which is a federally funded project.


FREEDOM-ART: first youth creative space in the city

The National Youth Projects Competition for Universities announced the winning project, among which was the project presented by MASU students. The group of students was awarded 530 000 rouble.


Murmansk Arctic State University has entered the World Directory of Medical Schools

Murmansk Arctic State University has entered the World Directory of Medical Schools.


MASU researcher speaks on borderology at the Arctic Frontiers 2022

Aleksandr Sautkin, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Social Studies Department, and Yulia Shestova, Head of International Cooperation Office, participated remotely in Arctic Frontiers 2022, an international scientific conference.


Exploring Russia through board games

MASU students from India keep exploring Russian culture and engaging in more sports activities. This time students in General Medicine programme joined Russian checkers tournament.


MASU opens the first psychology and pedagogy-oriented class in Murmansk

A new school year in Murmansk will start with the opening of psychology and pedagogy-oriented class in Murmansk school no. 6. The school's administration, Murmansk Arctic State University and city's administration signed the agreement on 2nd April.


IT and Natural Sciences Conference: outline and results

Murmansk Arctic State University became a venue for the student research conference «IT and Natural Sciences» that took place from 20 to 23 April. More than 70 students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, who study ecology and biology, participated in the conference.


Project Office for Arctic Development awards grant for research on the Sami language

Lecturers of Philology, Media and Communications Department at MASU Linguistics Institute received a grant from ‘PORA', Project Office for Arctic Development. The grant, amounting to 100 000 rubles, is aimed at implementation of ‘Media as language environment for Sami native speakers' project

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