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Latest local events


Meeting with U.S. Consul for Press and Culture

On the 5th of April, 2010 MSPU was visited by Mr. Eric A. Johnson, Consul for Press and Culture, U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg and Ms. Yelena V. Smirnova, Information Resource Center Director, U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg.


Finnbarents representatives visit

On the 25th March in 2010 MSPU was visited by representatives of Finnbarents: coordinator of International projects Irina Gerashchenko, the teacher of Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Eija Raasakka and also representatives of Murmansk municipal and regional administration, municipal authorities from Kola, Monchegorsk, Kirovsk, Kandalaksha, Polyarnyu Zori and Lapland reserve.


Bachelor ofNorthern Studies program presentation

Onthe 16th ofMarch MSPU was visited byBjørn Sagdal, regional coordinator ofthe Degree program Bachelor ofCircumpolar Studies, and Per Møller, local coordinator ofthe program atFinnmark University College.


Meeting within Barents Cross-Border University

From the 10th till the 13th ofMarch 2010a meeting ofRectors from Universities participating inthe international project Barents Cross-Border University and meetings ofWorking Groups inMaster programs were held atthe University ofLapland inRovaniemi.


Meeting with our Czech colleagues

Onthe 23-24 February 2010MSPU was visited bythe Czech Aerobics Union representatives: Jana Havrdova, Chairperson ofthe Educational Committee, and Barbora Sulcova, the leading coach ofthe best fitness-club inPrague, the repeated Europe and World Champion inFitness-Aerobics, coach ofteams which competed with our team Aerodance and which won the gold and silver medals atthe World Championship in2009.


Meeting with Norwegian Consul

Onthe 10th ofFebruary 2010 Elin Marie Hellum, Konsul ofthe Royal Norwegian Consulate-General, and Tatjana Dezjina, secretary ofthe Consulate, visited MSPU.


New International Project Announced

On the 7th of February 2010 the official meeting took place between MSPU administration and the representatives of the Ministry of National policy and cooperation with religious societies in Karelian Republic, as well as with the Institute of language, literature and history at Karelian Scientific Center, in particular with Minister Manin A.A., Doctor of philosophy Zaitzeva N.G., Cand. Sc. (History) Strogalshikova Z.I. and with the coordinator of state programmes on indigenous groups Haritonova E.V.


Meeting with our norwegian colleagues

On the 26th January the Deputy mayor of Kirkenes, director of Kirkenes Adult Learning Centre Lisbeth Isaksen, coordinator of International programs Torgeir Johansen and the interpreter Lisa Stepanova visited MSPU.


Meeting with Professor Erik Egeberg

Onthe 17th−19th December 2009 Professor Erik Egeberg (University ofTromso, Norway) visited Murmansk State Pedagogical University within the research and practice conference Maslov Readings.


Meeting with Martti Ruokokoski, Consul of Finland

On the 10th of December Consul of Finland Martti Ruokokoski visited Murmansk State Pedagogical University.

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