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Latest local events


New achievement of MASU students and lecturers

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation has finally announced the results of the grant competitions for Master programmes lecturers. Anastasia Koreneva, Oksana Savateeva, Viktoria Piksendeeva and Viktoria Bakula, MASU lecturers of Linguistic Institute representing Philology, Media and Communications Department, were among the winners. They will be awarded a grant amounting to 500 000 rubles for their project.


MASU students helped frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19

Murmansk's hospitals faced heavy workload and medical staff shortages during the third wave of the coronavirus outbreak in Russia. The Ministry of Health of Murmansk Region asked Irina Shadrina, Rector of Murmansk Arctic State University, to get a group of students studying General Medicine for help.


Collaboration of MASU students and Roscosmos

Students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty had a virtual meeting with the representatives of Roscosmos, the State Space Corporation, on March 28. The meeting was held in the Chief Directorate of EMERCOM of Russian for Murmansk Region.


How to relieve anxiety: the first offline training session

The first offline training session on the methods for relieving stress and anxiety took place in Murmansk Arctic State University on March 22.


MASU College students celebrated World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is annually celebrated on March 21. The students of MASU College joined the celebration and organized an intercultural workshop.


MASU students representing ECO-Arctic are among the best volunteers of Murmansk

The results of 'Murmansk Volunteer -2022' competition were announced on March, 15.


The results of MASU Badminton Tournament are here

The men and women's singles badminton tournament was held at the university's sports hall on February 16−18.


Rector's note on current Arctic International Cooperation

The Arctic is home to nearly 5 million people residing in such northern states as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland (Denmark), the USA, Canada, and Russia. Effective and sustainable maintenance of this common home is greatly dependent on the efforts applied by the neighbors.


Young researcher from MASU took part in the International Interdisciplinary Workshop

The future of tourism: first graduates of hospitality and catering industry course are here

The first group completed a retraining course for managers in the hospitality and catering industry as part of the Nickel-Tourism — 2025 Project. The Second School, Development Project Center of the Pechenga district, became a venue for graduation.


International Day of Women and Girls in Science: a message from Vice Rector for Research Affairs

Nowadays, only one in three researchers in science and technologies in the world is a woman. The scientific community is concerned and trying to raise public awareness.


What should we know about Omicron

A rapid spread of an Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 (a virus that causes COVID-19) keeps people in the world on their toes. The number of new cases doubles once in two days in Europe.


A Five-Star Students Day at MASU

Students of Murmansk Arctic State University celebrated Russian Students Day.


Start of Winter School of the Norwegian language at MASU

Murmansk Arctic State University launched a Winter School of the Norwegian language for MASU students who study Norwegian


ConnectED: creating scientific connections in the Arctic

An online kickoff meeting within the «Creating Connections in the Arctic Educational Science Community (ConnectED)» project was held on January 12


A bridge between Kirovsk and Weihai

The international online project «BRIDGE TO CHINA 2021» ended at MASU Vocational College in Kirovsk


Experts, employers and researchers discussed the Arctic of the future

The Youth Career Festival «Arctic Practice» wrapped up at Murmansk Arctic State University


MASU representatives take part in the «BeTech!» international project

The closing event within the international project «BeTech!: Development of Common Approaches to Involvement Youth into Science and Technical Sphere» was held on December 11


MASU students took part in the translation of a collection of poems by Russian and Norwegian poets

The event was held within the framework of the international forum «Russia and Norway — at the crossroads of Epochs and Cultures», dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky.


Ambassador-at-Large for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with the rector of MASU

On September 8, Murmansk Arctic State University hosted a working meeting between Nikolai Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Arctic Council's Committee of Senior Officials, and the university's management.

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